Excalibur Auto body online repair authorization

Fill out the online repair authorization form below with your and your vehicle's information to accept and authorize Excalibur Auto Body to estimate and repair your vehicle. Make sure to fill in all the highlighted cells with the * symbol or you won't be able to submit. Your name will be automatically filled in once you add your signature at the last line. Review the information you've entered before clicking the blue button at the bottom of the document that say, "Click to Sign". You'll be prompted to enter your email address, and once entered the document is complete. A copy will be sent to us and you. THIS IS IMPORTANT, make sure you review the email that was sent to you and confirm that you signed the document to finish online authorization.

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When you get a chance, make sure to check out our LIFETIME WARRANTY below!

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This Lifetime Warranty applies to the following:

1) Metal repairs performed on or before the date above except for any Rust repairs.

2) All paint repairs performed on or before the date above as stated on the Final bill, except Rust work.

3) The mechanical repairs performed on or before the date above that pertain directly to the collision damage and the work performed to correct the damage, excluding Alignments and wearable maintenance items such as but not limited to Oil filters, Brakes, Suspension parts, A/C recharge, Tires, Batteries, Transmissions, Wheel bearings etc.

4) The installation of all parts installed by Excalibur pertaining to the Repair order listed above.

* Parts warranties will be limited warranties and follow Manufacturer and supplier guidelines.
* This warranty is only valid to the original owner of the vehicle at the time the repairs were performed and is not transferable.
* Excalibur Auto Body cannot warranty repairs or replacement parts that have surpassed the manufacturer and or supplier warranty or have evidence of corrosion due to the environment, elements or damage (i.e. stone chips, tree sap, acid rain, salt corrosion etc.) Collision damage to the repaired vehicle voids any and all warranties.